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3-CH Plane Airplane *NineEagle-Goody Flyer Voice Control*
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Voice or hand-controlled Nine Eagle 2.4Ghz 3 Channel RTF aircraft.


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Product information "3-CH Plane Airplane Torro *NineEagle-Goody Flyer Voice Control*"

3-CH Plane Airplane Torro *NineEagle-Goody Flyer Voice Control* 

Voice or hand-controlled Nine Eagle 2.4Ghz 3 Channel RTF aircraft.
Aircraft with voice control! You can control the plane with your voice or the remote control !Includes 3-channel patented Mode 1 and 2 RC Remote Control exchange with novice / expert mode, voice control, ear earphones, headphones / Micro kit! The language program the remote control unit detects voice patterns. The one pilot controls the helicopter by means of voice commands, must carry the voice recordings of his voice. The voice prompt of the remote control, leads simply by playing the appropriate recording process of the voice commands.Switching from voice control to manual control or vice versa is easily possible by pressing a button on the remote while flying.

More recent innovations such as patented propeller connecting system and patented power protection system! EPP material is very stable, almost indestructible. Anti-crash and wind resistant! Delivery of the aircraft takes place with patented remote control, 1 piece 7.4V Li-Po flight battery, 4 AA batteries for the remote control, battery charger, Voice Control Earphones / Microphone, screwdriver, spare propeller and operating instructions in German & English! Very good flight characteristics - nimble and stable flight! Anti-crash resistant EPP-through material.With new spread spectrum technology, FSK coding (frequency hopping) allow trouble-free flight fun with super precise control! The use of multiple models simultaneously in this model is not a problem. Brand new flight characteristics! Very high rate of climb! * Perfect control possible! * Likely flight much stable and engine power!

Ideal for beginners and experts! We can not promise too much, you will be amazed how easy this model can be controlled. Also true beginners learn very quickly the aircraft flying with this model. Simple precise control and improbable flight stability make you perfect flights and guarantee you a giant flying fun and also makes advanced real joy! Equipped with the latest control technology platinum.


  • R/C Airplane Torro *NineEagle-Goody Flyer Voice Control*
  • Incl. Earphones with Microphone
  • 3-channel control with 2.4 Ghz
  • Incl. patented 5in1 Remote Control Mode 1 and 2 easily changeable (default setting mode 2)
  • SUPER FLEX rotors with patented propeller protection system
  • Anti-crash-resistant EPP material through
  • Motor: N50
  • about 8-10 min. Flight time
  • Measures: 396 x 500 x 131 (LxBxH mm)
  • All-up weight approx 65g
  • 7,4V 180 mAh LITHIUM POLYMER battery
  • Incl. 4xAA batteries for remote control
  • Incl. Screwdriver, spare propeller
  • User manual in English and German
  • Color: Blue / White

* Used under the direct supervision of an adult
* Minimum age: 14 years
* Recommended age: 14 years
* Not suitable for children under 36 months. Choking hazard due to small parts
* Please wait before battery charge for at least 15 min. wait until the battery
the plane has cooled, charge each battery in hot condition damages.

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